Hi there!

My name is Katherine Lalonde and I’m a student at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Education. I’m in the Secondary education program with a major in Social Studies and a minor in Physical Education. I am passionate about helping students to grow and become confident and competent members of our society by getting them engaged in the world around them.

I was born and raised here in Regina so I have quite the network of contacts throughout the city and I have a vast number of activities that I am involved in and volunteer with. My parents were always active within the community and it is something that I have picked up now that I am older. I have been in concert band playing clarinet and bass clarinet since I was eight and I often volunteer with The Mossing School of Music. I have been a member and active volunteer with the Regina Wildlife Federation for my whole life. I have also been a member and volunteer with Scouts Canada since I was very little.

It was through Scouting that I gained a passion for the outdoors and getting kids active in the outdoors. Every summer since 2006 I spend ten days at a Scout camp called Campanoe Challenge where youth have the opportunity to canoe and see some of Saskatchewan’s greatest rivers.

Please feel free to explore my blog and read some of my posts. Also, feel free to comment and/or follow me on Twitter @LalondeKatED. I would love to network and connect with other educators from all over the world.

A fellow leader and I overlooking Little Stanley Rapids in Northern Saskatchewan

A fellow leader and I overlooking Little Stanley Rapids in Northern Saskatchewan

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